New York Presidential Primary


The early voting days for the New York presidential primary is Sat., March 23-Sat. March 30. For voters who did not cast their ballot during the 8 days, Election Day is Tue., April 2. New York is a closed primary state meaning only voters who are registered Democrats and Republicans can vote. If you are a registered voter but you are NOT a Democrat or Republican then you will have to wait for the general election in November when all registered voters can vote. President Joe Biden (Dem) and former President Donald Trump (Rep) have no serious challengers in the NY State presidential primary. Biden and Trump are already their respective party’s presumptive nominee heading to the general or presidential election on Nov. 5. President Biden recently posed with the Kennedy family clan who are supporting him except Robert F. Kenndy Jr. who is running as a third-party candidate.

For decades New York governors have attempted to have an early presidential primary when the Republican and Democratic candidates are still in fierce competition for their respective party nomination. Yet, by the time NY State holds its primary, states that held early primaries such as New Hampshire and those holding their primaries on Super Tuesday almost determine who the nominee of the Democrats and Republicans will be. Seldom NY is in the national conversation during the primary season.