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On February 15, EVERYBODY’S Magazine, established in 1977, endorsed Councilman Jumaane Williams for the office of Public Advocate in New York City in a Special Election scheduled for Tuesday, February 26.

On Thursday February 21, the famed New York Times also endorsed Jumaane Williams for Public Advocate.

“The best candidate to hold Mr. de Blasio accountable and to press for reforms is Jumaane Williams, a veteran city councilman with a record of accomplishment and a steadfast willingness to stand up to powerful interests on behalf of New Yorkers,” says The NYT.

  The NYT continues, “He has won passage of more than 50 bills, far more than many of his colleagues … Along with Councilman Brad Lander, Mr. Williams sponsored the Community Safety Act, which established an inspector general for the Police Department.”

In announcing Jumaane Williams as its Person of the Year for 2018, EVERYBODY’S observed, “One of the most significant bills he initiated was the Community Safety Act, which led to the curbing of stop-and-frisk, a policy which-many felt was racist – unfairly targeted NYC’s young black male population.”

“He is the People’s Person of the Year because he is very visible throughout the Big Apple, and embodies the aspirations of his constituents and the vibrant Caribbean-New York Community and is committed to making to make NY and the nation a more just and equitable place for all. Councilman Williams, who is also Deputy Leader of New York City Council, has proven time and time again since 2010 that he truly cares about New York City, the nation, and for the less fortunate,”  the magazine’s said of its Person of the Year. Williams is now among Caribbean luminaries such as the late Nobel Laureate Sir Arthur Lewis and Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm on the magazine’s annual list of Person of the Year.

In its February 15th endorsement of Williams, EVERYBODY’S pointed out, “He is not afraid to criticize officials from his own party, Democrats, from Governor Andrew Cuomo to Mayor Bill de Blasio. If elected, voters can be assured that Williams will not rubberstamp the policies of the governor, mayor, or even the Democratic Party.”

  “EVERYBODY’S, the Caribbean-American magazine, is not endorsing and asking voters in the City of New York on February 26 to vote for Williams because he is African-American or Caribbean-American.

We endorse Williams with great alacrity and urge all New Yorkers to vote for him because he is the perfect person for public advocate. His experience, trustworthiness, contributions in the City Council, ability to get his bills enacted into law and his passion for New York City, New York State and the entire nation have qualified him for the office of Public Advocate.”

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