Grenadian-American Number 2 in New York City

FEB. 26, NY: Councilman Jumaane Williams of Brooklyn was elected Public Advocate by voters in the five boroughs of the City of New York. He is now the second highest ranking elected official in municipal government — second to the mayor. On Tuesday, Feb. 26, he defeated a field of 14 Democrats and two Republicans.
Williams, considered a progressive Democrat, is not afraid to challenge other liberals from Governor Andrew Cuomo to Mayor Bill de Blasio. For those reasons and others, he has a wide following of all New Yorkers from the Arab, Jews and Pakistanis to young activists and grassroots organizations.
In December, EVERYBODY’S, the Caribbean-American Magazine, declared Williams the magazine’s Person of the Year for 2018. And, two weeks before the election, EVERYBODY’S endorsed him followed by thousands of emails, Instagram and WhatsApp sent to voters on his behalf. “We urged Caribbean people all over the world to urge family and friends in New York City to vote for Williams,” says the magazine’s editor. “We believe he needed a strong Caribbean voter turnout to gain victory so the magazine took the initiative to tell immigrants in New York City of Williams’ background.” In the English speaking and Haitian speaking communities in Brooklyn Williams got nearly 80% of their votes.
Williams, the first Caribbean-American to hold the second highest position in New York City, joined a group of Caribbean-Americans in the category of “first” including Shirley Chisholm, the first black and Caribbean-American in Congress; Congressman Mervyn Dymally the first black and Caribbean-American in the California Senate and later as Lieutenant Governor of California and Hulan Jack of Saint Lucia who in 1953 became the first black person elected a borough president in NY.
Williams virtually has no time to celebrate. He has to assume office immediately and prepare for possible challengers on June 26, Primary Day, in New York. Tuesday’s Special Election filled the vacancy created by former Public Advocate Letitia James when she became New York State Attorney General. Williams will be Public Advocate until December 31. But, election for a new four year-term is November 6. Williams is expected to be victorious on June 26 and formally elected on November 6.
Photos: Former EVERYBODY’S intern Jeanine Williams who is Williams sister, longtime family friend Herman Hall and Jumaane Williams at the victory party, Nostrand Avenue, last night in Brooklyn.
Patricia Williams Jumaane’s mom who introduced him last night.
A member from of the Jewish community at last night’s celebration.

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