BROOKLYN, NY —   Nine days for early voting is happening in New York State. Early voting commenced on October 26th and ends on November 3rd.  Voters across the state who did not vote on early voting days can vote on election day, Tuesday November 5th.

While early voting is a novelty in NY, many other states have implemented early voting.

It decreases long lines on election day and it provides voters who are out-of-town, too busy or ill on election day to vote early. One voter, Miss Chin, who voted at one of the supersites in Brooklyn on Wednesday welcomed the idea. “I am away every first week in November; the last time I voted was in November 2016. That’s why I’m here today to vote early,” she remarked at a supersite located in a vibrant Caribbean neighborhood in Brooklyn.

In New York City there are supersites in each of the five boroughs for early voting only. There are 18 supersites in Brooklyn. Voters were informed of their respective supersite.

However, on Tuesday, November 5, election day or general election, votes will go to their customary poll sites.

Election officials in New York City and across the state are using early voting and electronic poll books to test the system. With a low turnout of voters expected for this year’s general election, election planners have an opportunity to test the early voting technology without much public outcry.

They hope to be very efficient and thoroughly prepared for early voting next year when there will be the presidential primary, municipal and state primary and the presidential election.



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