Women Sweep Calypso Finals

Ter­ri Lyons is the 2020 National Ca­lyp­so Monarch of Trinidad & Tobago. Terri, daughter of Super Blue who earlier in his calypso successes called himself Blue Boy and sister of the famed soca icon Faye-Ann Lyons, defeated eleven other artists including veterans Chalkdust, Gypsy and Brian London.

 Women also placed second and third, Karene As­che and Heather McIn­tosh. It was the first time in the history of calypso monarch competitions three women were the top winners.

The Calypso Monarch, once the most popular event in carnival and the centerpiece of Dimanche Gras show, the night before Carnival Monday, has lost its luster. This year’s competition was held on Carnival Thursday night. Lyons won a mere TT$700,000 for achieving the title.

Throughout the calypso season, one of her two winning tunes, Meghan My Dear, was a favorite of the public. It is a witty and smutty calypso making fun of Princess Meghan and her husband Prince Harry. Terri Lyons claims Prince Harry must stay with Meghan because he never “eat a dark meat yet.” Lyons calypso is a reminder of the Mighty Sparrow classic, Congo Man-Never Eat a White Meat Yet.”  Lyon says:

Once you go black, you can’t go back.

They will never understand why he leaving

Because they never eat a dark meat yet