Although only yesterday EVERYBODY’S, the Caribbean-American magazine, said it is no longer announcing Caribbean-American deaths, we are making an exception to the rule. Prominent NY-Caribbean, Roy Hastick has passed. He was a Grenadian. He established the Caribbean-American Chambers of commerce. For his public service, he was bestowed an honorary doctorate a decade or two ago. Roy did not die from the coronavirus but from other medical issues. Presently in NYC anyone who is stricken with non-coronavirus may not get immediate and adequate treatment. However, his wife, a national of Saint Kitts, is hospitalized stricken with the killer virus. As of yesterday, Wed., April 8, EVERYBODY’S is projecting that between 750-900 NY-Anglophone Caribbeans have perished due to Corona including longtime subscribers of EVERYBODY’S from various islands, Guyana and Belize.