Pat Boothe, EVERYBODY’S Magazine Passes On

Pat Boothe
EVERYBODY’S Magazine Editor
Passed On

I regret to announce the passing of Patricia Boothe, EVERYBODY’S Magazine editor. Pat suffered from a heart problem most of her life and succumb to it last Friday at New York University Hospital after a brief illness. She leaves behind her son Leon, her mother Mrs. Boothe, a sister Maxeen. They reside in New York and her brother and other relatives in Jamaica. She was only in her mid 50s.
Pat was very dedicated to me and primarily responsible for the editorial growth of the magazine especially during the decades of the 1980s and 1990s. She preferred to be a behind-the-scene person and shunned the limelight. She declined to do interviews with personalities. She took delight in arranging for me and others to do them.
She could have easily interviewed Bob Marley, members of Third World, Steele Pulse, Michael Manley, Maurice Bishop and other groups and personalities. Instead she took delight in transcribing the interviews and editing them for publication.
Due to the decline of the magazine industry and Pat failing health, I tried to give Pat less assignments but she never lost interest and asked to do last minute copy editing.
In 1987, the 10th anniversary of EVERYBODY’S, Pat made a massive montage of almost every photograph that appeared in the magazine. Today most visitors to the magazine are attracted by it. You can say the history of the Caribbean between1977-1987is in the montage from Janelle Penny Commissiong of Trinidad & Tobago becoming Miss Universe, Mary Eugenia Charles of Dominica becoming the first female prime minister in the region to Eric Gairy at his hotel suite in New York City upon learning his Grenada Government was overthrown to President Ronald Reagan visit to Jamaica and Barbados.
Although she was not involved in the planning and implementing the magazine’s cultural events including plays and concerts, Pat attended almost each program and encouraged friends to purchase tickets.
I am shattered over Pat’s passing. She inspired me and without her EVERYBODY’S would have folded years ago.
Herman Hall, Publisher, EVERYBODY’S, the Caribbean-American magazine.