Oliver Samuels “Dolly House” coming to New York Oct 4-5

DOLLY HOUSE logo with heads-1 Oliver Samuels latest play, Dolly House, starring Oliver Samuels, Audrey Reid, Dennis Titus and Ruth Ho Shing will be presented at Wingate Campus, Brooklyn and York College, Queens, in the City of New York, October 4-5, 2014.
Like other Oliver Samuels’ plays, Dolly House is appropriate for the entire family.
Dolly House is a brilliant blend of Jamaica and the Caribbean much loved topics – politics, power, intimacy, class, mistrust and betrayal – packaged into a hilarious play.
It is Caribbean theater and comedy at its best which have audiences laughing from the raising of the curtain to the end of the play. “I am still laughing. I saw Dolly House in Toronto,” says Veronica Collins. “As usual Oliver was at his best and the twist and turn of the comedy through brilliant acting by Audrey Reid, Ruth Ho Shing and Dennis Titus still have me cracking up. Tell me when it is coming to Boston or New York and I’ll come down to see it.”
Emailing her cousin in NY, Jasmin living in Kingston wrote, “Every time I go to see Oliver I’ll say this is my last time because I have seen so many of his plays. Yet, I go back and each time it’s a different experience. I have seen Dolly House two times already. I encourage fans to see Dolly House.”
The setting is a tenement yard in Kingston. Who knows! It may have been the same tenement yard Bob Marley described in his classic, “No woman no cry.” With a Chinese woman (Ruth Ho Shing), a young dreadlock man (Dennis Titus) and a higgler (Audrey Reid) as tenants of the landlord (Oliver Samuels), something must happen in that yard and in the building, “Dolly House.”
Last Mother’s Day weekend Samuels sold out Dolly House at venues in Toronto. The final leg of the tour begins in September in Florida and will end in the UK in November.
Once Oliver and the cast return to Jamaica in late November, they will begin rehearsals for their 2015 production, a new play.
October 4-5 is the only time Dolly House will be staged in New York City.
EVERYBODY’S Magazine and Herman Hall Communications promoted Oliver Samuels plays from 1990-2011 but took a sabbatical in 2012 and 2013.