A public event will be held this Saturday, December 19 at Medgar Evers  College, 1650 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn, NY to commemorative the 10th anniversary of the New York City transit strike. The program begins at 2pm.

flyer(2)On December 20, 2005, New York City was  shutdown when the Transit Workers Union led by President Roger Toussaint went on strike stopping mass transit – the Big Apple famous subway system and buses in all five boroughs.

The strike lasted for three days; Toussaint was arrested for violating New York State law.

A cross section of New Yorkers, from journalists who covered the strike, politicians, academicians to legal experts and rank and file members of the Transit Workers Union, will participate in Saturday’s program.   The former TWU boss Toussaint will be one of the keynote speakers.

The event is free and the public will see see films, documentaries and photo exhibits of the 3-day strike.

The 2, 3, 4, 5 and D train stops are within walking distance to 1650 Bedford Ave. The 2 and 5, Sterling Station; 3 and 4, Franklin Ave. and D, Prospect Park.