The Mighty Sparrow, one of the Caribbean’s greatest living icons, sends his regards to fans around the world and extends his condolences to everyone losing loved ones. “I pray to God to save the lives of people in all countries of the world,” he said. “And, I encourage everybody to remain positive.”

    The call to Dr. Slinger Francisco was made by EVERYBODY’S Magazine on behalf of fans who have been calling the magazine daily concerned about the health and whereabouts of their beloved Sparrow.

    He assures fans that he is adhering to preventive measures recommended and urges everybody to do likewise in order to curtail the spread of Novel Coronavirus. “Stay home, listen to the news, watch TV and read a book,” he recommends. Sparrow regrets not getting his daily newspaper since home delivery is suspended. He is an avowed reader.

     Sparrow was witty and chatty as usual. Born with the talent to compose and sing, he readily recited a few impromptu lines for EVERYBODY’S to share.  

      “Father save us all

        Coronavirus is making us itch

        You wicked son of a witch

         Coronavirus go!

         How you bad so!