Mighty Sparrow Thanks Fans

Grenada born and Trinidad & Tobago raised, Dr. Slinger Francisco, known worldwide as The Mighty Sparrow told EVERYBODY’S Magazine he is confident that he will soon be performing.

A very optimistic Sparrow confirmed to EVERYBODY’S that he will be performing with Calypso Rose at Melanies Sports Bar & Grill in Brooklyn, NY on Sunday, January 18. This event is organized by Derek Parson and other fans of Sparrow.

He expects to perform in Trinidad & Tobago’s carnival in March and he has agreed to be on the Mother’s Day Saturday Caribbean Concert at Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts on Saturday, May 10.

A few months ago, in the fall of 2013, Sparrow was hospitalized in a New York City hospital and many felt he will not recover.

They were wrong! Weeks later Sparrow was sent from the hospital to a rehab center and he is expected to go home by mid-January.

Sparrow spoke for about an hour with EVERYBODY’S Magazine. He appreciates the prayers many of his fans around the world uttered and the best wishes sent to him. He asked EVERYBODY’S to express his sincere thanks to fans.

Sparrow is looking forward to concert tours and he expects to be fully recovered.