Jamaica National Patty Day

gk  Today is the launch of the first Jamaica National Patty Day. It is the concept of Golden Krust Restaurant and Grill “to bring recognition to the patty that is indigenous to the West Indies, and more specifically, Jamaica,” explained a spokesperson for Golden Krust.
Jamaica National Patty Day was kicked off on Friday evening at a reception at Brooklyn’s Borough President Office. Borough President Eric Adams and other public officials including Assemblyman Nick Perry were present.
“Knowing my friend and former co-worker, Lowell Hawthorne, who was also employed at New York City Police Department when I was an officer there, I can assure you that Lowell will make future Jamaica National Patty Day popular reaching consumers across our nation,” Adams remarked.
Lowell Hawthorne and his family who established Golden Krust thank consumers nationwide for their support and announced that Golden Krust only a few days ago signed a contract to supply Golden Krust patties on many U.S. military bases around the world.
Today, Saturday, the main celebratory event is at 1381 East Gunhill Road—where it all began. There is live music, a GKNJPD photo booth, giveaways, games, and a variety of other entertaining activities, which will all serve to push the recognition and appreciation of the Jamaican patty.

There is also celebration at locations throughout the system across several states, which include 99 cent patties system wide. All of the Golden Krust locations will be decorated with GKNJPD material. Many of our retail customers have agreed to participate in the holiday, too, and have locked in the dates to help boost the promotion.