Theater & Comedy Weekend in NY

Caribbean Theater & Comedy Weekends in NY
September 19-27, 2015
The future of Caribbean theater in good hands
with Maylynne Lowe and Dennis Titus

New York City is preparing for the annual West Indian Carnival on Labor Day Weekend when over 1,000,000 revelers are projected at Brooklyn’s Eastern Parkway for the carnival-parade led by Governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio. Caribbean Theater and Comedy Weekends in NY are scheduled for two weekends later, September 19 and September 26.

Barbara McCalla and Dennis Titus

Barbara McCalla and Dennis Titus in “Divorce Papers”


The most popular Caribbean play of 2015, “Divorce Papers” is slated for performances in the boroughs of Brooklyn, Bronx and Queens. “We can only do two weekends in New York,” says playwright Basil Dawkins “since we are booked for performances in the USVI and England from October thru early November.”

Saturday, September 19, Walt Whitman Theater, Brooklyn Center at Brooklyn College
Sunday, September 20, Cramton Auditorium, Howard University, Washington, DC
Saturday, September 26, Lehman Center at Lehman College, Bronx
Sunday, September 27, York Performing Arts Center at York College, Queens

Tickets are available online at; at venues box office and in community outlets. Brooklyn & Bronx $50, $55, $60; Queens $55; DC $46-$51

Although the famed Oliver Samuels and Barbara McCalla lead the cast in the suspenseful comedy play, “Divorce Papers,” Maylynne Lowe and Dennis Titus are sheer fabulous. The aging Saint Lucia and Trinidad & Tobago Nobel Laureate, Derek Walcott and the late Miss Lou of Jamaica upon seeing the brilliant acting of Maylynne Lowe and Dennis Titus in “Divorce Papers” may proudly proclaim, “The future of Caribbean theater is in good hands.”

Actress Jean White makes an excellent point when she says, “These days theater and comedy fans don’t only see Oliver Samuels in an Oliver play, they also see young and brilliant stars … And, the creativity of the award winning playwright, Basil Dawkins.”

White is confident that children and adults of all nationalities will enjoy the hilarious roles of Maylynne Lowe and Dennis Titus in “Divorce Papers.”

Both Dennis Titus and Maylynne Lowe could have remained in the U.S. and become household names on television, in motion pictures and on Broadway but they chose to return to Jamaica to contribute to theater, comedy and nation building.

Ms. Lowe is a graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in NY and Emerson College in Boston. She has appeared in Jamaica’s longest running television soap, Royal Palm Estate. She is a recipient of Best Actress in a Lead Role for White Witch of Rosehall. Maylynne Lowe other theater and comedy roles include After Mrs. Rochester, Uptown Bangarang, Toy Boy, Which Way Is Out and Uptown Bangarang 2.

Dennis Titus is a graduate of Edna Manley College, Jamaica. He developed his craft further in theater, film and television in the UK and USA. A friend remarked, “the opportunity of Dennis working alongside Denzel Washington in the Mighty Quinn, an experience which helped him into a dedicated professional.” Caribbean theatre critics have applauded Titus for his magnificent roles in Embassy Saga and Dolly House.

For churches and civic organizations doing fundraising drives – you may purchase tickets in quantity for performances at Lehman (2, 310 seating capacity), Brooklyn Center (2,500 seating captivity); Cramton Auditorium and York College performing Arts Center (1,500 seating capacity.)
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