Caribbean-American Concerns

Many readers of EVERYBODY’S Magazine have been asking why we are not providing information of Caribbean-American losses due to COVID-19. Most inquiries are from people in the NY area who believe EVERYBODY’S is obligated to provide the statistics based on the consistent public service EVERYBODY’S has provided especially during 9/11.

It is too early to give accurate data but EVERYBODY’S Magazine after consulting with experts in New York City believe that approximately 950-1000 Caribbean-New Yorkers have perished so far. The statewide count Governor Andrew Cuomo provides daily of all New Yorkers is based on laboratory test. EVERYBODY’S approximation includes Caribbean people who died at home of suspected COVID-19 but not officially listed.

For example, an ambulance picked up a Caribbean woman who died in her apartment in Flatbush, Brooklyn, last Saturday. Frontline responders said cause of death was COVID – chances are she may not have been counted in the statistics since she did not die in a hospital. The next day all three persons in her apartment came down with COVID.

  1. While we are not listing deaths, one can find up-to date and detailed information on our website –
  2. After we listed the passing of a prominent Trinidadian, several persons from other islands asked why was he listed and not others. That’s a reason we discontinue. Since then, a number of active Caribbean-New Yorkers from the fields of education, sports, health and culture passed – victims of COVID. Five of the departed subscribed for this magazine for years and we are sure there are others.
  3. As a Caribbean-American publication, we provide features and articles relevant to the immigrant population and their offspring. It is impossible to provide COVID death data of nationals from each island, Belize and Guyana who were permanent residents or citizens of the U.S.
  4. We have readers in most major cities from Boston and Hartford to Miami, Los Angeles, Toronto and Montreal. They may want us to focus on deaths in their respective cities.
  5. The information Caribbean nationals in the U.S. are asking EVERYBODY’S to give is a service each Caribbean consulate should be providing. We urge you to seek information from your respective consulate and embassy.

According to Governor Andrew Cuomo, “in New York City, 34% of deaths from coronavirus are Hispanic while 28% of deaths are black.” The black population includes people of Caribbean ancestry. Of the 28% of blacks who passed, EVERYBODY’S Magazine believes approximately 50 to 60% are of Anglophone origin.

We are preparing our May edition. USPS has been slow in delivering our April issue due to COVID. As a result, we are making our May edition available online at no cost. Check our website in late April for the digital link.