Caribbean Airline-Jet Blue Tower Transcript

Here are communications between JFK International Airport tower personnel and airlines landing and taking off during the minutes when a Caribbean Airlines jet that had just landed allegedly did not follow three instructions from JFK Tower to stop. The result was the sudden abort take off a Jet Blue plane as it moved down the runway to avoid a collision with the Caribbean Airlines plane. The near fatal collision occurred last Saturday night.

Caribbean Airlines owned by Trinidad & Tobago has removed the pilot and copilot from duties pending outcome of investigations by the US Federal Aviation Administration and the Trinidad & Tobago Civil Aviation Authority.

Caribbean Airlines is a replacement of BWIA. Since its establishment, Caribbean Airlines has had accidents. One of its jets crashed in Guyana. Unlike BWIA, its communication and marketing personnel are considered aloof by many in Caribbean Communities abroad.

Transcript of ATC instructions
Tower: “Caribbean 526…clear to land.”
Tower: “Caribbean 526 right (via) Juliett, hold short (runway) 22R. Remain this frequency.”
BWA 526: “ the right (Caribbean) 526.”
Tower : – gave crossing clearance for runway 22R to an Aeromexico flight taxiing ahead of the Caribbean 737 –
AMX : – readback of crossing clearance –
Tower: – gave further taxi instructions after crossing 22R to Aeromexico crew –
Tower: – take-off clearance for Emirates 206 (B777) on runway 25R –
Tower: “JetBlue 1295 caution wake turbulence, line-up and wait runway 22R.”
JBU 1295: – readback –
Tower: – gave crossing clearance of runway 22R to Virgin America flight 56 –
Tower: – gave landing clearance to a United Airlines crew for runway 22L –
Tower: …”JetBlue 1295 wind 240 at 8 runway 22R shortened cleared for take-off.”
JBU 1295: “Cleared for take-off JetBlue 1295 short.”
Tower: – gave instructions to a VFR lighttype –
Tower: Caribbean 526 hold short…526 STOP!”
Tower: JetBlue 1295 abort take-off.”
Tower: Caribbean 526 (repeat).”
– no reply from Caribbean 526 –
 Source: Jet Airliner Crash Data Evaluation Centre (JACDEC), Germany