2014 Calypso & Soca Season Begins in Trinidad & Tobago

While most Americans will be looking at the Superbowl this weekend played in New Jersey, thousands of soca fans residing in Trinidad & Tobago will be preparing for the Groovy Soca Monarch Semifinals and the International Power Soca Monarch Semifinals.

The list of artists competing in both Groovy Soca Monarch and Power Soca Monarch Semifinals is listed below. Calypso and Soca provide the oxygen for carnival. Without calypso and soca there is no carnival. Trinidad & Tobago 2014 carnival season is in progress. It will climax on March 3 and 4 in a sea of color, glitter and women in scanty costumes dancing to the most popular calypso and soca tunes of 2014.


All calypso tents are opened. Performers in the Kalypso Revue Tent managed by Sugar  Aloes include Sexy Suzie and Dr. Witty; artists in Kaiso House Tent include Singing Sandra who is already booked for the Mother’s Day Saturday Caribbean Concert at the Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts, Lani-K and Brown Boy; Kaiso Karavan Tent boasts of Scrunter, Kurt Allen and other popular artists.
Sandra, a tent veteran and a former National Calypso Monarch, hopes to take the crown in 2014; she will be on the 2014 Mother’s Day Saturday Concert in Brooklyn
(TOP) Sexy Suzie, a veteran in Kalypso Revue Tent.
Lani-K, a rising calypsonian, is at Kaiso House.
Another major tent is the International Divas Calypso Cabaret featuring Many young and veteran female artists such as Lisa John and Sharon Alexis. New York Calypso Tent manager Count Robin is singing at Kaiso Showkase in San Fernando. There are more calypso tents across Trinidad & Tobago where more than 200 artists are performing almost each night. One of them will become the National Calypso Monarch of Trinidad & Tobago on March 2, 2014.
Shadow, Road March winner, Soca Monarch and National Calypso Monarch is one of the veterans at this year's Mother's Day Saturday Concert in Brooklyn
Shadow, Road March winner, Soca Monarch and National Calypso, Monarch is one of the veterans at this year’s Mother’s Day Saturday Concert in Brooklyn
Meanwhile in frigid Toronto, New York, London and other cities, promoters are quietly organizing calypso-soca concerts and calypso tents that will be held during spring, summer and autumn. Many soca and calypso stars of Trinidad & Tobago carnival will be performing in those cities. The first major concert in New York will be EVERYBODY’S Magazine Mother’s Day Saturday Caribbean Concert — artists already booked include Shadow, The Mighty Sparrow, Singing Sandra, Calypso Rose and King Short Shirt. More artists will be included. Tickets are already on sale and selling briskly. Tickets are at Brooklyn Center Box Office and online at www.everybodysmag.com. Many artists and their agents are frequently calling EVERYBODY’S Magazine to be included in its New York Calypso & Soca Tent, August 26-September 1 at Tropical Paradise Ballroom. “The biggest challenge we have is choosing the 30 to35 calypsonians for the tent from Trinidad & Tobago,  other calypso islands including the USVI,” says Associate Tent Manager Michelle Young.


1 – 5 Star Akil (To Meh Heart) 2 – Chucky (Blazing) 3 – Tallpree (Jab Nation) 4 – Olatunji (Wining Good) 5 – Austin “SuperBlue” Lyons (Spanking) 6 – Fya Empress (Ah Ketch It) 7 – Cassi (Man in Yuh House) 8 – Benjai (Lick it In) 9 – Kurt Allen Sweet (Sizzling Summers) 10 – Erphaan Alves (Contagious) 11 – Lyrikal (Conquer Meh) 12 – Nadia Batson (Bad Influence) 13 – Mr Famous (Play More Local) 14 – Skinny Fabulous (Behaving the Worst) 15 – Syo (In de Air) 16 – J Angel (Nah Leaving) 17 – RKG (Multi Pumpin) 18 – Patrice Roberts (Doh Rough Meh) 19 – Jo Jo (Shake Dat) 20 – KRich (Go Down) 21 – Shal Marshall (Feel to Wuk) 22 – Preedy (Wining Champion)* 23 – Mr Renzo (Take Control) 24 – Amrika Matroo (My Business) 25 – Tasha (Keep Them Waving) 26 – Baron (Irie Party) 27 – Jahmoun (Party Non-Stop) 28 – Saucy (Chuku Chuku) 29 – Kerwin Du Bois (Too Real) 30 -M1 (Big People Ting) 31 – Biggie Irie (Need a Rhythm) 32 – Destra (First Time) 33 – Johnny King (Doh Over Expose) 34 – Ricardo Drue (Socaholic) 35 – Blaxx (Feting Away) 36 – Santeney (In de Mood) 37 – Devon Matthews (Greedy) 38 – Farmer Nappy (Big People Party) 39 – Ainsley King (Wau Jalguy) 40 – Ravi B (Bread) 41 – Lil Bitts (Roll It)
1 – Sekon (Bag Ah Vibes) 2 – Lyrikal (Lockdown) 3 – Miss Alysha (On D Truck) 4 – Timel (De Soca in Meh Spirit) 5 – Snakey (The Dhoti Song) 6 – J Angel (Do Wah Yuh Want) 7 – Ann-J (We Love Carnival) 8 – Benjai (Come Out to Play) 9 – Hashim (Sittin) 10 – Jadee (Rollin) 11 – Swappi (Run to the Front) 12 – Mr Killa (Rolly Polly) 13 – Blaxx (Brok It Up) 14 – Sherrard Churche (Tizik) 15 – CC (Party Behind Meh) 16 – Skinny Fabulous (The General) 17 – Shurwayne Winchester (Raise it Up) 18 – Candy Hoyte (Paradise) 19 – Shradah (Bad Dis Carnival) 20 – Mr Famous (Hay Lay Lay) 21 – Iwer (Mama Oye) 22 – Destra (Mash Up) 23 – Kurt Allen (Mountain) 24 – Nadia Batson (Rated R) 25 – Patrice Roberts (Feting Di Most) 26 – Anselm Douglas (Broughtupcy) 27 – Devon Moses (We Want More) 28 – KI  (We Mad) 29 – Ronnie McIntosh (We Bringing It) 30 – SO King (Pace) 31 – Crazy (Original Madman) 32 – Devon Matthews (Level It) 33 – Chucky (Gyal to the Front) 34 – Erphaan Alves (Hearing Ah Talk) 35 – Prophet Benjamin (The Seamstress) 36 – Boyzie (Mas Everywhere)

KALYPSO REVUE: SWWTU Hall, Wrightson Road, Port-of-Spain National Calypso Monarch Pink Panther Chalkdust Sugar Aloes Skatie Baron Bally Swallow Brian London Devon Seale Ninja Kizzie Ruiz Alana Sinnette Michelle Henry Tameika Darius Nicole Greaves Sexy Suzie M’ba de Mighty Trini Teniel Cooper Maze Falco Dr Witty Marlon Edwards Starr George Yellows Exposer Rex East Sprangalang CG

KAISO HOUSE: Queen’s Park Savannah, Port-of-Spain Singing Sandra Karene Asche Duane O’Connor Mr Chucky Mr Famous Bro Resistance Bro Valentino Explainer Bro Mudada Twiggy Allan Welch Brother Musa Calypso Kerr Dee Diamond Bro Lasana Rootsman Lady Aeisha Soft Touch Snakey Lani-K Brown Boy Marvellous Marva Bunny B Nirkesha Logan Black Sage Sister Ava Mista Shak Sharlan Bailey Shradah Mc Intyre Poser Spicey Kassman

INTERNATIONAL DIVAS CALYPSO CABARET: De Nu Pub  (The Mas Camp),  Woodbrook Karen Eccles Thomas Stacey Sobers Lyncia Morris (Black Diamond) Crystal Charles Kerice Pascall Calika Grayson (Calika) Tenaj Smith Lisa John (Diva) Sharon Alexis Vornique Benjamin Sancha Scipio Delina Diamond Estherlita Lomans Angela Ramoutar Kalita Mayers (Kalita) Heather Guerra (Simply Heather) KAISO KARAVAN: Eric Williams Auditorium,  La Joya Complex, EMR, St Joseph Scrunter Kurt Allen Johnny King De Fosto Karega Mandela Stinger Eunice Peters Kenny J Lady Paula Young Creole Francine Myron B Asha Kamachee Cardinal Surpriser Sheldon Nugget Erphaan Alves Dirty Curty Eric James Singing Sonia Black Czar Marinda Joseph Skhi Wolde Dawid Jah Burke Bro Alpha Kid Callaloo Anthony Johnson Godfrey Pierre KAISO SHOWCASE: Palms Club, San Fernando Ras Kommanda Lady Adanna Protector Abbie Blackman El Drago Joanne Foster Mr Mack Count Robin Lady Gypsy Tallish Queen Victoria Wanderer Wackerman Joseph Adams Nikko Kaiso Knobby Rondell Donawa Cyclops Uprising Black Byrd Akiel La Borde Andre Jeffers Liz Paponette Young Rose Trever B KLASSIC RUSO CALYPSO TENT: City Hall Auditorium, Knox Street, Port-of-Spain All Rounder Crazy Contender Versatile Manchild Bro Ebony Lady Wonder Hamidullah Black Prince Dr Will B Shirlaine Hendrickson Marva Mc Kenzie Nefta Kojo Typher QP Stanley Adams Kaiso Mac Gary Hercules Mechanic Revealer Stockings Dr Rhythm Sideways Helon Francis Shylocks Benny J Diesel Makeda Darius Rasheed Latif Smurf D Jockey King Soul